about iota

The internet of things is not the goal

We have built the IoTA platform to inspire a revolution in open connectivity, devices and sensors to help people shape the world around them and tackle issues that are important to them. The future of the Internet of Things (IoT) is about you and what you can do with it. We can use this revolution in sensor technology to make an increasingly personalised life for the few or we use it to create real change within your community and beyond.

IoT shouldn’t be limited to big data, smart cities and a select few having access to enormous piles of incomprehensible datasets. Our platform helps you to stop being a data spectator: measuring or being measured with no insight into where the data goes or what it means. IoTA encourages people to understand the data they create and use it for meaningful change. Please see our report 'CONNECTIONS TO CHANGE' for more.

Sharing and collaborating

Since the creation of devices like Arduino & Raspberry Pi, makers and technologists have been collecting data and monitoring everything from air quality to energy use. Although this technology is far more accessible than it was there is a great opportunity to join up people with clear needs and those with the technology to solve them. Opportunities that come from being part of a larger community: IoTA is making that possible.

We aim to connect people and launch sensor based ventures that will make a meaningful difference. We will also profile projects done elsewhere to promote them. Where possible all the tools and resources; the recipes, generated by the different projects within IoTA open and shared within the IoTA platform. As a user, you will have access to ideas and people that have done projects before. That way you can reuse, adapt and learn with other people’s discoveries.

Re-imagining Your World

Anyone can be involved with IoTA: hobbyists, tinkerers, technologists, community leaders and those who have never turned to technology to solve a problem. By bringing these different people together, we allow you to learn and explore the different ways in which IoT technology can be used.

IoTA gives you a space to ask the questions you never thought you’d have the answers to: How much pollution does my baby inhale on our daily walks? How much do flight paths impact on my sleep? But IoTA is about more than asking questions: your  data can become an important tool for change.