Noisenap creates the evidence needed to fight the construction of a third runway at Heathrow. Our sensors measure noise levels around the airport and show how quality of sleep is negatively affected.
the issue

Residents throughout the Heathrow area and parts of London are exposed to constant loud aircraft noise, and may face an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. People who live under flight paths and are exposed to the continual barrage of noise from planes taking off and landing may cause actual harm to health as well as reducing the quality of their lives.

what we want to build

Firstly, we want to build a noise sensor to measure noise that is generated by aircrafts in our neighborhood. We are especially interested in individual exposure to noise and how that affects our sleeping cycles. Ideally, we’d like to compare the quality of sleep of individuals to the fight paths above their homes. We want to hand out the sensors to people in our neighborhood and build a map from the data we’ve collected to create an evidence how early flights and different weather conditions have an impact on the noise level and on our sleep. These sensors will sit next to the person while they are sleeping and each time they wake up throughout the night they hit a button on the top. Once they’ve had the sensor for a period of time we want to correlate their sleeping behaviour to the flight paths and use the data we collect as evidence.

what we are hoping to achieve

Our aim is to involve as many people as possible in this study so we can present our results as evidence to influence flight paths and prevent a third runway from being built. We want to provide alternatives and solutions based on the data we collect so the quality of life for London residents improves.

How people can help and get involved

1. We need x number of people in y locations to use the sensors for 10 days/weeks - no technical ability required, just a willingness to use the box. We’re currently contacting local forums and attending parliamentary meetings with HACAN and PLANE STUPID to find volunteers. 2. We need help assessing what the right type of technology / probe / prototype will help us to achieve what we want to do. 2. We need help building the box, currently we’re working with technologists Jon Ardern, Philipp Ronnenberg and Gyorgyi Galik. Our updates can be read here: