guide to iota

who can use iota?

• Anyone who is affected by an issue eg. flight noise or pollution.

• Anyone who is interested in helping their community prepare or anticipate problems for the future, for example, the installation of flood sensors which warn the community and government about rising water levels before it's too late.

• Technologists, hobbyists, community groups, lobbyists, anyone passionate about their community who has a problem to solve.

By participating in projects you create the data needed to provide evidence to address the problem, whether that’s walking a different route or campaigning against flight paths.

How does IoTA work?

The aim of IoTA is to launch sensor based ventures that tackle meaningful problems. We are building our own projects and available for consultancy on projects you are working on. You can also come to us with a problem you would like to solve, an idea for a project or an offer of a skillset that might be useful. If we can we will help match you up with others who you can work with. You can come in at any stage of a project, but here’s an example:



You have a question about something you feel passionate about:

eg. You’re a new parent living on a busy road, when you push your pram you can’t help but notice your baby is at nose-level with the exhaust-pipes of vehicles. You want to know how much pollution is actually being inhaled by your child.




You contact IoTA & we will help you shape & start your project

We will help you frame the problem and connect you with other people (sensor experts for example) and put the question to our network.




IoTA will help you refine your project and connect you with technologists if necessary

who can e.g. help build sensors to put on prams to geo-locate where the pollution is worst and measure the levels that go into your pram.




You will work with IoTA and your own personal community

e.g. to find volunteers who are happy to use the sensors and keep a record over a trial period.




Set up a project page and start collecting data

We will help you set up a project page and help you display the data (depending on what you want to display).




You and your community can chose

whether to continue collecting data and e.g. make a case for policy change or simply to continue mapping routes for your community.


Do I have to know how to use Arduino or other pieces of hardware?

Absolutely not. IoTA fosters a community with diverse skills. We want to make sure those with little or no technical capabilities find those who do.

I don’t have any ideas but I love making things, can I get involved?

Of course, we will put you in touch with the people who have ideas and you can choose which project to get involved in.

What happens to the data?

Good question. Adding connectivity to the devices around you means that you generate far more data. This data can, of course, be used for good and for rather less savoury goals. At IOTA we start with the premise that the data you generate belongs to you. Any data you generate, especially if it might be used to identify you, is managed very carefully but you are in control. You get to decide if you would just like to hold onto it yourself or if you are interested in sharing the data with others in your community or wider to help generate change.